Wooden Car

2022 NGRC

Building on a tradition of fun and creativity started in Nashville in 2021, the Denver NGRC 2022 crew welcomes you and your family to the 2nd Annual NGRC Modeling Contest !!! 

Voting for the Modeling Contest ( Youth 17 and under and Adult divisions ) will be done in the Modeling Contest area until 9PM on Thursday 6/23/2022, with winners announced at the banquet on Friday 6/24/2022.

The NGRC 2022 Modeling Contest will be held in Salon E of the Vendor Hall.  Sign in and set up of models for the contest will be from 4-6pm on Wednesday June 22

Categories for Youth Contest: 

Railroad Car

Trackside Building

Categories for Adult Contest:  


Rolling Stock



Provide a description for your model when you check-in your model at 4pm.

Voting will occur Wednesday 6/22 6:00 pm through Thursday 6/23 at 9:00 pm.  

Models are to be removed from the vendor hall between 5:00 and 6:00 pm on Friday 6/24.  

Winners will be indicated in the contest area as soon as all votes are counted, and formally announced at the banquet on Friday 6/24.