An ore train loops around the western mining town of Moss Rock on an elevated track, traveling behind the waterfall. It continues around Aunt Em’s farmhouse where characters from the Wizard of Oz walk down the yellow brick road on their way to Emerald City. The mainline runs through a tunnel in Moss Rock Mountain, under the waterfall, and continues behind a raised garden wall. It emerges on a long trestle around the east end of the yard and along the front of the patio. The loop continues a second time around the yard through the raised garden, along Mainstreet, in a town that never progressed past 1950. A San Francisco trolley slowly circles around the town moving residents and tourists from place to place. Scenes populate the town and railroad mainline, including a fairy garden, golf course, Jurassic Park, and a circus. The railroad is track powered with three loops. Rolling stock includes steam, diesels, freight, and passenger trains.